Spelthorne Natural History Society

Spelthorne Natural History Society members are a group of mostly local people who are interested in recording the flora and fauna of the Borough of Spelthorne located in the extreme South West of what was Middlesex, the old Watsonian Vice County VC21.

The species distribution maps are based on the data recorded by the members and is the copyright of those members for which the Spelthorne Natural History Society accepts no liability or responsibility.

The two maps above (or perhaps to the right or below depending on your screen size) show the area of Spelthorne with its principal centres and the location of Spelthorne in relation to its surrounding Counties

You can search the database using either of the Scientific Name or English name drop down menus or the Name Search list by entering all or any part of the English or Scientific name and pressing “Submit”.

Please contact the SNHS Recorder for any questions regarding these maps or searches - or if you would like to report any species records for inclusion in the SNHS Database - e-mail: recorder[AT]snhsociety.org.uk

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